Jordan – Newborn Portraits – Greensburg, PA

I recently got to spend a few hours with sweet newborn Jordan. I just love newborns and wished I could have just cuddled the little guy the entire time. It wouldn’t be weird if I did all selfies with him, would it?:) A quick comment on my newborn photography: I prefer more of the style you see below. I’ll do the “baby in a bucket” or whatever you think you like on Pinterest, but capturing the tiny details and glimpses (like Jordan’s one-eye glare at me…haha!) in my opinion, will be a better reminder of what these little angels are like in their first few days. God bless little Jordan!

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Sara + Jason – Duquesne Chapel and Power Ballroom Wedding – 2nd Shooter – Pittsburgh, PA

Last weekend, I assisted my very pregnant photographer friend, Allison of Allison Viron Photography as a second shooter at Sara and Jason’s wedding in Pittsburgh, PA. The wedding was held in the Duquesne Chapel, we took portraits at the North Shore (minutes before a HUGE rain storm!!), and the reception was at the Duquesne Power Ballroom. I love second shooting because it gives me a chance to really concentrate on details…another reason you should consider hiring a second shooter!:) Even though I got drenched running (yes, running) from the limo bus to the sky bridge (twice!) with our photo gear, it was a great night! The city views in the Power Ballroom were phenomenal!

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Luke and Christina – Engagement Portraits – Brady’s Run Park – Beaver, PA

It was such a pleasure taking Luke and Christina’s engagement pictures! We had a beautiful evening – great light, not too humid, and Brady’s Run Park offered a great backdrop for the pictures. Check out the ducks doing a photo bomb as we were getting some pics at the boat launch! And Christina’s blue eyes – stunning! Looking forward to photographing their big day in November!

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Min, Andrew, + Rita – Family Portraits – Brush Creek Park – New Brighton, PA

Our original session was canceled due to rain, and maybe I should have canceled this one due to crazy humidity (just kidding – that’s no excuse!), but you really can’t tell that we were all sweating our butts off! And Rita is so stinkin’ cute, I quickly forgot about the sticky weather. The combo of late July sun in the beautiful Brush Creek Park produced some great pics! I loved visiting Brush Creek as a kid and have many great memories of camping near the covered bridge, riding bikes on the road and trails, and playing in the “crick.” Yes, I’m from western PA.

Kara + Andy – Chestnut Ridge Resort Wedding – Blairsville, PA – Part 2

See part 1 of Kara and Andy’s wedding here.

After the ceremony, we ventured out on to the golf course in golf carts provided by Chestnut Ridge Resort. What an awesome help! Then, we headed into the reception. Such a beautiful room with great light and Kara’s details of “bling” really set the place off. Everyone had a blast, as you can see! Best wishes to Kara and Andy!

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Kara + Andy – Chestnut Ridge Resort Wedding, Part 1 – Blairsville, PA

On a beautiful hot summer day in July, my second shooter Stephanie and I photographed Kara and Andy’s wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA. It’s always super-convenient to have everything all in one place – the hotel where everyone got ready, the ceremony, great locations for portraits, and the reception. Part 1 includes all the moments leading up to the ceremony and the ceremony itself. Shooting under a pavilion on a full-sun day is not really the most desirable of conditions, but it sure kept the guests comfortable, so we made it work. Kara had an awesome theme going on: I’ll call it “bling and blue.” See part 2 here.

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Kara + Andy — Quick Preview — Wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort — Blairsville, PA

Usually, a preview is just my favorite image from the day, but as I’m going through Kara and Andy’s pictures from their wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA, I just can’t pick one! So here is an extended preview!

A.J., Emily, Ian, + Ellie – Family Portraits – Indiana, PA

It’s been so awesome working with Emily, A.J., Ian, and now Elliana over the years. Emily schedules the family pics right around Ian’s birthday because this super-mom does an annual birthday video for Ian featuring pics of him throughout the year. New this year is their latest addition, Elliana. This sweet girl was wide awake for our session and not real fond of many of our poses, but we still got some great shots!

Wow, what a hiatus!

Wow, i sure disappeared there for a while! Trust me, I enjoyed the down time…except it wasn’t actually down time. Changes at the day job, a 3 year old and 1 year old running me ragged (rag-ed? spelling???), and just life in general. You might be like, “duh! what did you expect?!” And to that I say: back off, I’m a slow learner!!

Anyway, I was still taking a few pics here and there with some of my favorite and most loyal clients, so as a welcome back to summer and wedding season and photography in general, here are some of my favorite shots since I left you last October.



Second shooting with Allison Viron Photography and captured this moment. The groom’s dad was too sick to attend the wedding, so friends Facetime’d him in the entire day. Here, he is watching his son and new daughter in law exit the church surrounded by bubbles.


Same wedding. OMG, I love Pittsburgh! Who doesn’t want this shot on their wedding day?!


I love this for two reasons (one selfish). First, if you’re not smiling right now as you look at this, you may be dead inside. Look at that sweet baby’s face and how happy his momma is!! And second, this is the gorgeous Elders Ridge in all it’s glory folks! Yes, this is where I live and what I look at every day.


Tonya always wants to do something sexy and different and I dig it!


I love a family who wants to be creative with their Christmas card! Our dear friends, the Jones’, are that family! And just look at the dog! Cracks me up every time!


I’ve been photographing Hannah since she was a few months old and we sure pick good light! Loving the lens flare and the sweet moment!


Gotta love the honesty of children! Ian didn’t turn five until a few days later, so when I asked him to show me how old he was, well, I guess that one’s on me! This pic makes me giggle every time!


Ok, I haven’t told the client this, but when she proposed this idea, I remember thinking, “Seriously? How ’bout a little less Pinterest, there, Min.” (haha!) But, I do as I’m asked. And glad I did! The example she shared was a kid in a crib filled with balloons. That was shot one. Ok. But then I changed position, crouched down and saw this angle. Maybe my favorite of the year!

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Got a few weddings and portrait sessions coming up soon and I should probably take some family portraits of my own family here soon…since our last photo has me 9 months pregnant with our now 18 month old daughter!!

Have a great summer! It’s good to be back!


Holli + Josh — Getting Ready and Bridal Portraits — Indiana Country Club — Indiana, PA

Just to try something new, I’m going to break up this wedding into a few blog posts. We’ll start with the beautiful Holli.

Holli and her girls got ready at the Holiday Inn in Indiana, PA, so we got a few shots there, but waited to do her formal portraits at the Indiana Country Club.

Holli was very adamant about not being seen by anyone, so to stay hidden, we did the portraits in the bathroom. Ok, ok, it sounds worse than it was – the country club bathroom has a “waiting room” that has striped wall paper, vintage leather love seat and a beautiful mirror, so with a little rearranging, we got the shot. Well, I’d say we MORE than got the shot, the shots of Holli are just stunning! Beautiful!

H bride getting ready 1 H edgy bridesmaids poses 3 H elegant bridal portraits 2