Kara + Andy — Quick Preview — Wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort — Blairsville, PA

Usually, a preview is just my favorite image from the day, but as I’m going through Kara and Andy’s pictures from their wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA, I just can’t pick one! So here is an extended preview!
Bride portraits in robe with garter Bridesmaids dress royal bridal party portrait chestnut ridge resortromantic bridal portraits DSC_6084_sm2 bride and groom dancing
intimate bridal portraits

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Wow, what a hiatus!

Wow, i sure disappeared there for a while! Trust me, I enjoyed the down time…except it wasn’t actually down time. Changes at the day job, a 3 year old and 1 year old running me ragged (rag-ed? spelling???), and just life in general. You might be like, “duh! what did you expect?!” And to that I say: back off, I’m a slow learner!!

Anyway, I was still taking a few pics here and there with some of my favorite and most loyal clients, so as a welcome back to summer and wedding season and photography in general, here are some of my favorite shots since I left you last October.



Second shooting with Allison Viron Photography and captured this moment. The groom’s dad was too sick to attend the wedding, so friends Facetime’d him in the entire day. Here, he is watching his son and new daughter in law exit the church surrounded by bubbles.


Same wedding. OMG, I love Pittsburgh! Who doesn’t want this shot on their wedding day?!


I love this for two reasons (one selfish). First, if you’re not smiling right now as you look at this, you may be dead inside. Look at that sweet baby’s face and how happy his momma is!! And second, this is the gorgeous Elders Ridge in all it’s glory folks! Yes, this is where I live and what I look at every day.


Tonya always wants to do something sexy and different and I dig it!


I love a family who wants to be creative with their Christmas card! Our dear friends, the Jones’, are that family! And just look at the dog! Cracks me up every time!


I’ve been photographing Hannah since she was a few months old and we sure pick good light! Loving the lens flare and the sweet moment!


Gotta love the honesty of children! Ian didn’t turn five until a few days later, so when I asked him to show me how old he was, well, I guess that one’s on me! This pic makes me giggle every time!


Ok, I haven’t told the client this, but when she proposed this idea, I remember thinking, “Seriously? How ’bout a little less Pinterest, there, Min.” (haha!) But, I do as I’m asked. And glad I did! The example she shared was a kid in a crib filled with balloons. That was shot one. Ok. But then I changed position, crouched down and saw this angle. Maybe my favorite of the year!

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Got a few weddings and portrait sessions coming up soon and I should probably take some family portraits of my own family here soon…since our last photo has me 9 months pregnant with our now 18 month old daughter!!

Have a great summer! It’s good to be back!


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Holli + Josh — Getting Ready and Bridal Portraits — Indiana Country Club — Indiana, PA

Just to try something new, I’m going to break up this wedding into a few blog posts. We’ll start with the beautiful Holli.

Holli and her girls got ready at the Holiday Inn in Indiana, PA, so we got a few shots there, but waited to do her formal portraits at the Indiana Country Club.

Holli was very adamant about not being seen by anyone, so to stay hidden, we did the portraits in the bathroom. Ok, ok, it sounds worse than it was – the country club bathroom has a “waiting room” that has striped wall paper, vintage leather love seat and a beautiful mirror, so with a little rearranging, we got the shot. Well, I’d say we MORE than got the shot, the shots of Holli are just stunning! Beautiful!

H bride getting ready 1 H edgy bridesmaids poses 3 H elegant bridal portraits 2

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Rita 3 month baby portraits — Beaver, PA

It is such a pleasure getting to see Andrew, Marianna, and Rita every few months! I love seeing Rita grow and especially love seeing what adorable outfits and hair clips this girl has!:) Rita’s hair is amazing. So long and thick already at 3 months (and wait until you see her 6 months portraits: even cuter and longer!!) Such a doll!

My favorite portraits from this session were right at the end when we were upstairs getting some pics in their bedroom. As most parents experience, at 3 months, that baby is still in your room (my Mary sure was!) and many mornings/afternoons, you find yourself just staring at that sweet peanut in your bed. Sometimes they’re awake and staring back or cracking their first smile or sometimes they’re just sweetly sleeping. The light was streaming in on the bed, we tried to just capture the moment of mommy and daddy playing with the baby – nothing fancy, no cute outfit or props, just love. Last two pics are my fav. <3

rita 3 month portraits_1 rita 3 month portraits_2 rita 3 month portraits_3


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Chris + Bethany — Vandergrift Wedding — Apollo, PA Photographer

The first time I met Bethany was at my own wedding over 5 years ago. Chris, my brother, brought her as a guest, and although I didn’t get to spend a lot of time getting to know her that night, when I later looked back at the pictures, her warm smile amid the chaos of my wedding told me she was a sweet girl and we’d keep her. :)

The more I’ve grown to know her over the years, the more I become convinced that she is the perfect match for my brother and I couldn’t be more excited to call her a sister. Now go make babies. J/k :)

Chris and Bethany did a small intimate ceremony at the Vandergrift municipal building on a rainy Saturday in September. The rain limited a lot of pics, but they chose to do dinner at the Twisted Thistle in Leechburg and the beautiful staircase fit so well with the romantic rustic feel they were going for. Plus I had a clear umbrella with me (clutch!) and we got some nice shots outside in the rain, too.

Congrats and love you both! Now seriously, go make babies. My kids need cousins.:)

CB_wedding blog1 CB wedding blog2 CB wedding blog 3 CB wedding blog4 CB wedding blog 5 CB wedding blog 6

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Weekend Previews — 6 month baby portraits and engagement session — Beaver County photographer

This past weekend, I was down in Beaver County and had two sessions – an engagement session (part of a wedding package for a September 2014 wedding) and a 6 month baby portrait session (part of a “baby’s first year – every 3 months” type package…well, no package, but just what we’re doing!).

Here are my two favorite shots from the weekend: The first is Kim and Chris at Brady’s Run Park. Their first date was at Starbucks and Kim wanted to work that into the story. The second pic is sweet Rita who is 6 months old. Her mom styled the shoot and wow, just a beautiful pic! The red hair bow, the fluffy red diaper cover, the red mirror, the wood floor, the light, the look on Rita’s face, her little fingers…hello, perfection!! LOVE IT!

Full blog posts with more pics of each will be shared later…but I just couldn’t wait!:)

engagement bradys run 6 month portraits

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Lucas — Senior Portraits — Class of 2014 — Indiana, PA

“I’m so looking forward to getting my senior portraits taken!” said no guy ever.

But seriously, c’mon guys…it’s totally painless and it’s my job to make you look like a stud, not a corny dude in the “thinking man” pose. (which just happened to be Lucas’s go-to “silly” pose! He was quite entertaining throughout our session!)

Chances are, if you’re looking at this blog, you either know Lucas, are a fan of me (yay! thanks!!) or you’re a mom doing photog research for your son’s senior pics. :) If you’re number 3, rest assured: I’m here to help. I’ll ask what you think your son’s style is, what kind of things are important to him (sports, activities, etc), and then I’ll ask about how he wants to look in his pics.

Lucas is an athlete but didn’t want to be photographed with anything that said so. And that’s fine! His mom identified his style as “Abercrombie but with a shirt on”, and that gave me all the info I needed. I picked the location and we shot the studio shots and the outdoor stuff in less than 2 hours.

Piece of cake! And here are the results! Handsome and not corny at all! Best wishes to Lucas!senior portraits male_2 senior portraits male_3 senior portraits_1

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Amanda + G and the kids — Family Portraits — IUP campus –Indiana, PA

Was it just me or was this summer pretty spectacular? Sure, there were humid days and sure, there were rainy days, but overall, I’d have to call this one of the best summers we’ve had in a while.

But maybe I’m not the best judge because I was either super-pregnant or over-weight from just being pregnant for the three before this one, so yeah…that probably skewed my tolerance level toward the low end of the scale.  But I digress.

Amanda and G and there two model-beautiful children (seriously, though, these two could be in magazines or at least have a show on the Disney channel!) Griffin and Isadora are BFF’s to my two kids since they all go to daycare together. Griffin was 2 when Max started and Isadora was still in Amanda’s belly…she later appeared a few days later, so she and Max are about 4 months apart. So needless to say, I hear a lot about these kids from my very chattery 3 year old. And don’t worry, it’s all positive.

Amanda and I work at IUP and she suggested this location when we talked about where we’d like to do the shoot. I’m super-glad she did as I had pretty much wrote it off in my mind since there is no shade and it’s a compact maze of tiny plants and flowers. But in the early morning sun of July, this place looks like a lush garden with amazing light and color.

Such a beautiful family!
family portraits IUP_1 family portraits IUP_2 family portraits IUP_3 family portraits IUP_4

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Lauren + Josh Wedding — Apollo, PA — Indiana, PA

“The pictures are a mix of lovey and silly, which is exactly how I felt the day was.”

This was the reaction of the bride, Lauren, when I shared these pics with her. There is no greater compliment than when a client sees and feels the story you were trying to tell. Awesome!

Lauren and Josh were married on June 8 in Apollo, PA and had their reception at the Rustic Lodge in Indiana, PA. We ventured out to Thomas Covered Bridge and Blue Spruce Park for their portraits.

Other must-get pics included some portraits with Josh’s Harley. Oh men and their bikes! But I always love doing portraits with “props” that are special to the client …although I’m sure Josh wouldn’t appreciate his Harley being referred to as a “prop”!!:)

It was a beautiful day, a super-fun bridal party and family, and a killer party! Best wishes, Lauren and Josh!

apollo wedding 1 apollo wedding 2 apollo wedding 3 apollo wedding 4 apollo wedding 5 apollo wedding 6 apollo wedding 7 apollo wedding 8

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Ian’s Tree — IUP Oak Grove — Family Pics — Indiana, PA

Emily and AJ wanted to do something special for Ian’s 3rd birthday…and while toys and parties are fleeting, a tree named in his honor in the IUP Oak Grove will stand for decades to come. Maybe a century or more – who knows!:) Here’s a sneak peek of their session this evening.sm family portraits 2tree blog2sm family portraits 3 sm family portraits 4sm family portraits 1

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