Christina + Luke — Brighton Township Social Hall — Beaver County PA Photographer

I was so excited to share in Christina and Luke’s big day this past November! I met C&L over the summer for their engagement session and their friendly, easy-going personalities clicked with mine and I knew we’d all have a great time working together.

They had a small intimate ceremony at Hebron Presbyterian Church in Clinton, PA and their reception was at the Brighton Township Social Hall in Beaver, PA.

The weather was a little colder than we would have liked on their wedding day, but we rolled with it, worked quickly outside, and the day was an absolute success! And once everyone got on the dance floor, things warmed up quickly! Such a fun reception!

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Creative + Funny Christmas Cards — Saltsburg, PA Photographer

The Jones Family always know how to have fun with their Christmas card…and I am always so excited to help bring their vision to life! Their “A Christmas Story” card and last year’s Grinch card were some of my favorites!

This year, they are expecting their 3rd child and came up with the awesome theme “We saw DADDY kissing Santa Claus” (with mommy and her jolly belly as Santa!). Hilarious! Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!


Family Portraits in the Snow — Flemings Christmas Tree Farm — Indiana, PA Photographer

It’s not every day that we get snow in Western PA! I mean, don’t get me wrong, we GET snow, but it is oh so unpredictable – certainly not predictable enough to schedule a photo session around! However, on this day, we got lucky! What a beautiful winter wonderland!

Fleming’s Christmas Tree Farms was nice enough to allow us to do our session there, which even added more beautiful backdrops to our images.

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And Miss Hadley is such a sweetie – all smiles all the time, but every girl has her limits. I love a good fed up baby pic! :)


Chelsea + Dave — Engagement Portraits — Beaver County PA Photographer

Another stroke of luck – capturing a rustic fall theme in the winter. I can’t take credit for the amazing weather we had this day – the Big Guy upstairs gave us gorgeous sun that warmed everything up and made it look like September when it was really December. Ok, so maybe like late October in late November…but still! Great conditions!

The log home in Beaver, PA has all kinds of rustic charm…and clearly we weren’t the only people that felt that way on this day! 3 other photographers and their clients were at the location with us. Luckily, we all worked around each other and I don’t think I will be a photo-bomber in any random family portraits!

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And you know me and my rivers! If I’m this close to a river and bridges, then we must take pictures on/by/near them!:) Luckily, Dave is a fisherman so we worked in his fishing rod and tackle box. Love the sparkling water!!!

Maci — Newborn Portraits — Beaver County PA Photographer

So great to visit with Tonya and Mike and their two beautiful babes! Sweet little Maci was less than 2 weeks old (the perfect age for being photographed!) and she was just an absolute doll! Towards the end of our session she began to wake up a little and watch me, but still not a peep. She was totally into the shoot. And good thing, too, because her mama and I will be putting a camera in her face A LOT in the years to come! :)

Big brother Liam was just the sweetest with his little sister. They are almost exactly 2 years apart, so it will be so fun to watch them grow together and become best pals!

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Devon — Senior Portraits — Indiana PA Photographer

When Devon’s mom saw the portraits of Devon, she gave me the greatest compliment a photographer can receive: “you captured how handsome he is!”

As a mother of a boy myself, I can totally relate to what she meant: boys aren’t really into getting their picture taken and often act goofy or silly, or just plain don’t smile and give you that “stare” begging us to stop “torturing” them. Capturing how we as mothers see our handsome sons growing into men right before our eyes is probably one of the reasons I love senior pictures so much!

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Like many good country boys, Devon is into hunting. I look out over this gorgeous valley every day and the sunsets have just been amazing here, so I was super excited to photograph Devon and his hunting gear looking out over Elders Ridge.

Rita + Min + Andrew — Family Portraits — Brady’s Run Park — Beaver County PA Photographer

I so look forward to sessions with Rita and her mom and dad! I just love seeing how Rita has changed in just 3 months. Makes me realize my little Mary is changing too, though the changes don’t seem as apparent since I see her ginger face every day.:)

For our fall session, we went to Brady’s Run Park. It’s crazy how each fall is different. Last year at this time, the park was alive with color at every turn. This year, not so much. We still got great pictures, and the sun peeked out after the first hour and warmed us and the pictures up.

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One of my favorite things about fall is the way the leaves glow in the warm sun.

Any time I can shoot throw some tall grass or weeds, I jump at the opportunity. I love the texture they add to images, and also how they glow and sparkle in the sun.

And finally, like all 1.5 year olds, if a playground is within view, it must be explored. Rita was crazy about the pebbles!

Eric — Senior Portraits — Indiana County PA Photographer

About 3 minutes into Eric’s session, I remembered why I love doing senior portraits so much: photographing one person in a controlled setting is so much less stressful than many of the other things I shoot!:)

Eric did a fantastic job – pretty handsome guy, right? I loved the conditions we had – late fall light is the absolute best! We labeled the walking shot on the railroad tracks as his “album cover.” Definitely one of my favorites from the session! Best wishes to Eric!

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Cory + Stacey + kids — Fall Family Portraits — Mammoth Park — Latrobe, PA Photographer

OMG, I am loving fall! Other than one week of yucky weather, it has been absolutely fabulous! Just check out the amazing conditions we had for Cory and Stacey and their family pictures!

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Karissa + Brandon — Engagement Portraits — Rock Furnace Trail — Apollo, PA Photographer

I have lived just outside of Apollo for almost 5 years now and I’ve never heard of the Rock Furnace Trail – what a treasure! (yes, I said “treasure”…it truly is awesome!). Beautiful wooded trails and THREE waterfalls! We only ventured to the first of the three for my session with Karissa and Brandon…something about carrying 20 pounds of gear on uneven rocky trails near water…and me being a tiny bit clumsy…yeah, best to play it safe!:)

Karissa and Brandon love the outdoors. In fact, Brandon popped the question on the Rock Furnace trail (on the green bridge you’ll see below to be exact), so the trail is not only a great backdrop, but holds a lot of meaning to the two of them. Aren’t they super-sweet?!

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