Kennedy — Apollo-Ridge Class of 2016 — Senior Portraits

Kennedy is one of the 7 other people who live in the small village of Elders Ridge, so I was super-pumped when her mom asked me to take her senior portraits. Kennedy loves the beautiful rolling hills and golden fields that surround our homes, but also was intrigued by other locations I’ve used before, so we just took pictures all over the place! Best of luck, Kennedy!

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Kayla + Josh…and Bane — Indiana, PA Fall Portraits

Kayla is a family friend and in the top 3 of my kids favorite babysitters. She and her boyfriend Josh are just wild about their doggie, Bane…and you can see why! Bane is full of life and just a sweet dog! Fall was also in full swing at our session and the colors were A-MA-ZING!

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Jeff + Jess — Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

I love doing sessions in the city and even more so when they are with two people as fun as Jeff and Jess! Jess (who I affectionately refer to simply as Debo) has been one of my best friends since high school. These two Pittsburghers love their city and their Pirates! Super excited about being a GUEST at their wedding in May! Best wishes you two! It’s right around the corner!

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Heidi + Brandon — Mansion at Linden Hall Wedding

After my fair share of rustic weddings this summer, I was blown away with the amazing venue that is Mansion at Linden Hall! I seriously couldn’t ask for a better backdrop to a wedding! Let the pictures speak for themselves! Best wishes to Heidi and Brandon!

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Brittney + Rocco — Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

To contrast their upcoming wedding at Camp Kwon O Kee Spencer (a pretty rural, rustic location), Brittney and Rocco wanted to do their portraits in the city of Pittsburgh. And what a day we had in the city! We started at the West End Overlook, which has a really great little park and an archway covered in vines. I was sold as soon as I arrived! We then moved down to the North Shore – they had their first date just walking around the North Shore on a cold evening that neither one wanted to end. And the sunset on the river – OMGeeee! I love Pittsburgh and am so excited to share Brittney and Rocco’s portraits today.

Pittsburgh skyline West End Overlook BREsession_0003 BREsession_0002 BREsession_0004 BREsession_0005 BREsession_0006

Anthony + Katlyn — For All Family Farms Wedding — Butler, PA

Can I just say how lucky I am to have such amazing clients?! Anthony and Katlyn are sweet, funny, laid back, and just so much fun! I loved getting to know these two and capture their beautiful day at For All Family Farms in Butler, PA. Bonus about having your wedding at For All Family Farms: they do most of the decorating for you! So many rustic details, it was an absolute dream to photograph – even with a little rain! Congrats and best wishes, Anthony and Katlyn!

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Dave + Chelsea — Rustic Pittsburgh, PA Wedding — Mayernik Center

Dave and Chelsea were married at the Mayernik Center in Avonworth, PA on a beautiful sunny day in August. Chelsea made her entrance in a horse drawn carriage (a surprise to Dave and the guests!). Chelsea’s mom did an amazing job with the rustic reception details – who doesn’t love bright, cheery sunflowers?! Such a fun group! Best wishes, Chelsea and Dave!

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Lauren + Josh — Chestnut Ridge Resort — Pittsburgh, PA Wedding

What a beautiful day we had for Lauren and Josh’s wedding at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA! Perfect weather, two amazingly sweet and fun families being united, and a rockin’ party! Best wishes to Lauren and Josh!
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Hannah is 4 — Hopewell Township Community Park — Beaver County PA Photographer

More personality with every year! I have been photographing Hannah since she was a few months old and I always look forward to our sessions. For her 4 year portraits, we went to Hopewell Township Community Park early on a Saturday morning. The park has a lake, wooded trails, and is just a pretty place for portraits. We saw another photographer and a family there, too! During the session, Hannah’s mom wanted to pay tribute to Hannah’s cousin, Isaac, who recently passed away. Isaac always loved balloons, so we incorporated a single white balloon for Hannah to hold and look up to.

mother daughter portrait by lake children portraits at hopewell township community park 4 year portraits on steps in woods mother and daughter pose on steps portrait tribute to loved one 4 year old girl on bridge 4 year children portraits hopewell township community park black and white children portraits

Karissa + Brandon — Small Wedding — Westmoreland County Wedding Photographer

Karissa and Brandon knew going into their big day that they would rather spend their money on an amazing honeymoon, not a big extravagant wedding, so when their big day came, they kept it small and intimate with a private outdoor ceremony behind their church, New Life Presbyterian Church in Harrison City, PA and their reception in the church’s social hall. Karissa is a teacher and as soon as school was out, her days were filled with making all of the rustic decorations for the reception. And what an amazing job she did! If you are considering a rustic theme, you may want to get some inspiration from Karissa’s creations! I first met these two outdoorsy Jeep-lovers at their engagement session, so of course we had to pull the Jeep around for some wedding portraits, too! It was such a pleasure to be a part of their special day! Best wishes, Karissa and Brandon!!

Beautiful day for an outdoor wedding in Westmoreland County A prayer before the ceremony begins Family members read scripture during the ceremony Brandon reads his vows to Karissa Karissa reads her vows to Brandon Sharing rings The first kiss followed by a hug The family who participated in the ceremony Wedding portraits Wedding portraits with bright sun and blue sky Unique features at the church Brandon and Karissa They share a love of Jeeps Karissa made all the rustic detail pieces for the reception Bride and groom changed into Mr. and Mrs. t-shirts for the reception Cutting the cake Off to the honeymoon in their Jeep