Diana + Broc — Pittsburgh and Beaver County Wedding Photographer

Happy 1 month anniversary to Diana and Broc! Has someone officially renamed June to Monsoon? Or Mon-June? The rain! The weather started out perfect…and it even held on until after the ceremony at the Ridgewood Church in West View. As they were exiting the church through a flurry of rose petals, the sun was beaming! Then, on the drive over to Edgewood for portraits, the skies got dark and it rained. And rained. And rained. Luckily, we had a bunch of umbrellas and a weeping willow tree for cover. The thunderstorm continued through the rest of the evening, but that didn’t stop the party at Center Stage in Monaca! What a great time at Diana and Broc’s wedding! Check out all the amazing vintage details that Diana put into this day.

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Jody + Dave — Stonebridge Farm Wedding — Ambridge PA — Pittsburgh PA Wedding Films

On a day with on-again, off-again rain and sporadic down pours, Jody and Dave were married outside at the beautiful Stonebridge Farm Nursery in Ambridge, PA. Stonebridge Farms Nursery is so beautiful, and such a great, unique place for a wedding. The rain didn’t scare away the bride and groom or their guests and it was a great day! I am so pleased to share with you the very first wedding video by Elders Ridge Photography:

Jody and Dave Wedding Video from Emily Smith on Vimeo.

Ian is 6 — Indiana, PA Photographer

I cannot believe Ian is 6 already! I have been photographing him since he was 2 and that feels like yesterday! This guy is full of character and loves his little sister, Ellie. Watching them play together makes me smile so big! Ian is also a huge Star Wars fan – look closely at his t-shirt in the light saber pictures: his mom made a “6” out of Star Wars patterned fabric. Towards the end of the shoot, we wanted to hit up the sweet light in a nearby grass field, but out of nowhere, the wind got crazy (there was actually a tornado a few miles north!) so if everyone looks a little wind-blown, that’s why! Happy Birthday, Ian!

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Cordelia Newborn Portraits — Beaver County PA Photographer

It’s been so wonderful to watch this family grow! I first met Min and Andrew when they were pregnant with their first, and last month I got to meet their second: Cordelia. Love her name and she is such a sweetie! Big sister Rita wasn’t sure what to make of the new addition, but is definitely warming up to the idea of being a big sister.

Click on any image below to get a closer view:

Ellie First Year Portraits — Indiana, PA Photographer

I feel like I write the same thing in all my family portrait posts: “it’s so fun/amazing/wonderful to watch this family grow,” but that’s the truth! Ellie is turning one, and since April weather is not very conducive to outdoor portraits with little ones, we took these at Emily and AJ’s (Ellie’s mom and dad) house.

To get a closer look, click on any picture below:

Bree + Wade Engagement Portraits — McConnell’s Mill State Park — Beaver County PA Photographer

One thing’s for sure about this winter – it was cold and we got a lot of snow! When Bree said she wanted romantic snow pictures for her engagement session, I immediately thought of McConnell’s Mill State Park. The old mill, the covered bridge, the rocky trails, and the pines – all perfect ingredients for a winter portrait session! I’m super-pumped to be their wedding photographer in September of 2016!

To get a closer look, click on any image below:

Christina + Luke — Brighton Township Social Hall — Beaver County PA Photographer

I was so excited to share in Christina and Luke’s big day this past November! I met C&L over the summer for their engagement session and their friendly, easy-going personalities clicked with mine and I knew we’d all have a great time working together.

They had a small intimate ceremony at Hebron Presbyterian Church in Clinton, PA and their reception was at the Brighton Township Social Hall in Beaver, PA.

The weather was a little colder than we would have liked on their wedding day, but we rolled with it, worked quickly outside, and the day was an absolute success! And once everyone got on the dance floor, things warmed up quickly! Such a fun reception!Curtaccio_0000.jpg Curtaccio_0001.jpg Curtaccio_0002.jpg Curtaccio_0003.jpg Curtaccio_0004.jpg Curtaccio_0005 Curtaccio_0006 Curtaccio_0007 Curtaccio_0008 Curtaccio_0009 Curtaccio_0010 Curtaccio_0011 Curtaccio_0012 Curtaccio_0013 Curtaccio_0014 Curtaccio_0015 Curtaccio_0016 Curtaccio_0017 Curtaccio_0018 Curtaccio_0019

Creative + Funny Christmas Cards — Saltsburg, PA Photographer

The Jones Family always know how to have fun with their Christmas card…and I am always so excited to help bring their vision to life! Their “A Christmas Story” card and last year’s Grinch card were some of my favorites!

This year, they are expecting their 3rd child and came up with the awesome theme “We saw DADDY kissing Santa Claus” (with mommy and her jolly belly as Santa!). Hilarious! Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year!


Family Portraits in the Snow — Flemings Christmas Tree Farm — Indiana, PA Photographer

It’s not every day that we get snow in Western PA! I mean, don’t get me wrong, we GET snow, but it is oh so unpredictable – certainly not predictable enough to schedule a photo session around! However, on this day, we got lucky! What a beautiful winter wonderland!

Fleming’s Christmas Tree Farms was nice enough to allow us to do our session there, which even added more beautiful backdrops to our images.

To get a closer look, click on any image below for a larger slideshow.

And Miss Hadley is such a sweetie – all smiles all the time, but every girl has her limits. I love a good fed up baby pic! :)