Kennedy — Apollo-Ridge Class of 2016 — Senior Portraits

Kennedy is one of the 7 other people who live in the small village of Elders Ridge, so I was super-pumped when her mom asked me to take her senior portraits. Kennedy loves the beautiful rolling hills and golden fields that surround our homes, but also was intrigued by other locations I’ve used before, so we just took pictures all over the place! Best of luck, Kennedy!

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Devon — Senior Portraits — Indiana PA Photographer

When Devon’s mom saw the portraits of Devon, she gave me the greatest compliment a photographer can receive: “you captured how handsome he is!”

As a mother of a boy myself, I can totally relate to what she meant: boys aren’t really into getting their picture taken and often act goofy or silly, or just plain don’t smile and give you that “stare” begging us to stop “torturing” them. Capturing how we as mothers see our handsome sons growing into men right before our eyes is probably one of the reasons I love senior pictures so much!

To get a closer look, click on any image below for a larger slideshow.

Like many good country boys, Devon is into hunting. I look out over this gorgeous valley every day and the sunsets have just been amazing here, so I was super excited to photograph Devon and his hunting gear looking out over Elders Ridge.

Eric — Senior Portraits — Indiana County PA Photographer

About 3 minutes into Eric’s session, I remembered why I love doing senior portraits so much: photographing one person in a controlled setting is so much less stressful than many of the other things I shoot!:)

Eric did a fantastic job – pretty handsome guy, right? I loved the conditions we had – late fall light is the absolute best! We labeled the walking shot on the railroad tracks as his “album cover.” Definitely one of my favorites from the session! Best wishes to Eric!

For a closer look, click on any picture below for a larger slideshow.

Lucas — Senior Portraits — Class of 2014 — Indiana, PA

“I’m so looking forward to getting my senior portraits taken!” said no guy ever.

But seriously, c’mon guys…it’s totally painless and it’s my job to make you look like a stud, not a corny dude in the “thinking man” pose. (which just happened to be Lucas’s go-to “silly” pose! He was quite entertaining throughout our session!)

Chances are, if you’re looking at this blog, you either know Lucas, are a fan of me (yay! thanks!!) or you’re a mom doing photog research for your son’s senior pics. :) If you’re number 3, rest assured: I’m here to help. I’ll ask what you think your son’s style is, what kind of things are important to him (sports, activities, etc), and then I’ll ask about how he wants to look in his pics.

Lucas is an athlete but didn’t want to be photographed with anything that said so. And that’s fine! His mom identified his style as “Abercrombie but with a shirt on”, and that gave me all the info I needed. I picked the location and we shot the studio shots and the outdoor stuff in less than 2 hours.

Piece of cake! And here are the results! Handsome and not corny at all! Best wishes to Lucas!senior portraits male_2 senior portraits male_3 senior portraits_1

Ben — Senior Portraits — Indiana, PA — Class of 2012

Nothing like two photo shoots in one day! That’s always a good sign if you ask me! Ben is Forrest’s cousin and we have been trying to figure out a weekend to get together for his senior portraits for some time now. Well, summer is always tough…especially when you live almost 5 hours apart. Opportunity knocked in the form of a family reunion, so Ben came ready for his close-up. With super-cute girlfriend, Tessa, in tow, we grabbed a few shots at the reunion, but then hopped in my car and scoured the countryside to find the location I had in mind. Maybe a little trespassing was done, but we found it. And just before we lost the incredible light, too. Check out these awesome shots of Ben. I swear he looks like Slash or Joey Ramone in a few of them! Rock On, Ben!!

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