Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Ten days ago, our second child was born. After birthing a 10 pound giant with my first, this 8 pound 5 ounce nugget was a piece of cake to deliver…and I’ve been feeling fabulous since giving birth. Again, completely different than with my first. Mary Louise is healthy, sweet, and quickly falling into a very manageable sleep pattern (God bless her!!), so that has also contributed to my feeling fabulous and being up for putting together her newborn portrait session.

Before she was born, I knew I was going to be doing a photo shoot with the newborn, but since we chose not to find out the sex of the baby, I had to keep my ideas gender neutral. Well, I stumbled upon the grass blanket and the pumpkin beanie hat on Etsy. BabyBirdz makes the grass blanket (and tons of other photo props perfect for newborn portraits) and the pumpkin beanie was made by TextilesOne (SO many super-cute hats, I have to restrain myself!!). Perfect props for a little “harvest baby” photo shoot. So here’s my girl! This is just the first of MANY photo shoots that she will endure over the years! Hopefully she is as narcissistic as me and will love being photographed!:)

One thought on “Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

  1. emily- this is so great. for some reason this brought me to tears. hormones raging today. they are beautiful and she’s a sweet little dear of a lady. so happy you get experience the “joys” of mothering a girl. can’t wait to swap stories. i miss ya.

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