Dance Academy DVD

DVD sales for the Mary Strong Dance Academy recital on June 14, 2013 are now being accepted.

What you will receive: A professionally authored DVD featuring the option to watch the entire recital or skip to specific dances. Also, a “special features” area on the disc will feature the recognition and thank you ceremony at the end of the recital as well as the special photo montage produced by Mary and staff. The DVD features a custom label and is packaged in a slim jewel case. The DVD is shipped in a padded envelope to the address you specify on the order form. Shipping is included in the overall cost of the DVD. The DVD’s will be mailed no later than July 5, 2013.

Cost: $25 each

Payment options: Order online by clicking the “Buy Now” button below (you will check out through a secure check out via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account)
Buy Now Button

Official PayPal Seal

OR download the DVD Order Form to send payment through the mail.

Filming: The recital will be filmed by me, Emily Smith. It will be a two camera set-up, featuring a master wide of the entire stage with cuts to a close-up second camera that I will operate during the show. Every attempt will be made to show each dancer on the close-up camera as often as possible. Live audio will be recorded during the show, but the final DVD will have the music edited in from the CD played at the recital.

If you have any questions about the filming of the recital, the DVD creation, or ordering, please contact Emily Smith at 724-840-5257 or

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