Wedding Films

Our wedding films are not “your wedding pictures, but as video.” Our goal is to capture the little moments and big emotions of the day and edit it together into a beautiful 4-minute wedding film that will give you ALL the feels! And yes, you’ll still get the traditional wedding videography deliverables such as your full ceremony, reception highlights that include introductions (you didn’t plan all of those crazy songs and dance moves just for a couple pictures, right?), full speeches, and highlights from all your favorite moments such as the first dance, cake cutting, dancing with your parents, and then getting crazy on the dance floor!

Let’s add another element to your day to make your wedding different: a Love Story film. Before the big day, we’ll meet up and I’ll interview the two of you separately (it’s fun to hear what the other has to say!), we’ll film some beautiful b-roll (i.e. footage of you two loving on each other), and I’ll edit it into a beautiful introduction to you as a couple that you can use on your wedding website or show at a wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or the reception.

Here are our latest wedding films and Love Stories:

Jody and Dave Wedding Video from Emily Smith on Vimeo.

Courtney and Bo Love Story from Emily Smith on Vimeo.

Courtney + Bo Wedding Trailer from Emily Smith on Vimeo.

Our package that includes the Love Story is $2,500. Contact us for an itemized quote.