Chelsea + Andrew, Seven Oaks Country Club Wedding

Sometimes, when you swipe right, you meet someone special. In Chelsea and Andrew’s case, swiping right on Tinder brought them together. And Andrew’s “Elf” reference on their first date sealed the deal for Christmas-obsessed Chelsea.

Andrew had been a groomsman in a wedding I photographed a few years ago (before Chelsea). Chelsea had seen the pictures and loved everything about the wedding: the venue and the photographer especially, so when Andrew popped the question, I was one of the first calls! So awesome and very flattering!

The wedding was the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and it was a hot one! Upper 80’s and 100% humidity made being outdoors less than comfortable, but we all put on our game faces and made the magic happen!

Chelsea and her girls got ready at the MOH’s house and Andrew and his men dressed in the church nursery. The ceremony took place at Four Mile Church in Brighton, Township, which is a great location if your reception is at Seven Oaks Country Club, just a short 5 minute drive away. Even better: on this 5-minute drive is an absolutely stunning replica church that gets perfect light…the perfect place for portraits.

The reception was full of fun, fireman, and frisky unicorns (I’m not sure either, but it made for some hilarious pictures!). Thank you so much, Andrew and Chelsea, for allowing Diana and I to be a part of your special day!