Chelsea + Andrew, Seven Oaks Country Club Wedding

Sometimes, when you swipe right, you meet someone special. In Chelsea and Andrew’s case, swiping right on Tinder brought them together. And Andrew’s “Elf” reference on their first date sealed the deal for Christmas-obsessed Chelsea.

Andrew had been a groomsman in a wedding I photographed a few years ago (before Chelsea). Chelsea had seen the pictures and loved everything about the wedding: the venue and the photographer especially, so when Andrew popped the question, I was one of the first calls! So awesome and very flattering!

The wedding was the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and it was a hot one! Upper 80’s and 100% humidity made being outdoors less than comfortable, but we all put on our game faces and made the magic happen!

Chelsea and her girls got ready at the MOH’s house and Andrew and his men dressed in the church nursery. The ceremony took place at Four Mile Church in Brighton, Township, which is a great location if your reception is at Seven Oaks Country Club, just a short 5 minute drive away. Even better: on this 5-minute drive is an absolutely stunning replica church that gets perfect light…the perfect place for portraits.

The reception was full of fun, fireman, and frisky unicorns (I’m not sure either, but it made for some hilarious pictures!). Thank you so much, Andrew and Chelsea, for allowing Diana and I to be a part of your special day!


Allyson + Peter, Heinz History Center

Who needs a bunch of time to plan a wedding? Not Allyson and Peter! Their Pittsburgh wedding at the Heinz History Center was less than 6 months in the making and pretty darn perfect if you ask me!

Allyson and Peter had their ceremony at the All Saints Church in Etna, which is one of the most beautiful churches in Pittsburgh! The brickwork on the exterior, the high ceilings with the painted designs on the wooden trusses in the sanctuary, and the sparkling alter mosaic…it was just beautiful.

Looking back on the pictures, you really can’t tell that it was raining cats and dogs most of the day. After shooting formals at the church, we drove to the Convention Center for more pictures…but other bridal parties had the same rain plan, so we got started above the typical location where it was still covered. I love how the white glass reflected the shape of trees and the sister bridges and allowed the royal blue bridesmaids dresses to really pop.

The reception at the Heinz History Center was also beautiful. The ballroom had a gorgeous city view that changed from day to night offering two different moods to transition from dinner to dancing.

Best wishes to Allyson and Peter!



Allyson + Peter, Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

The produce loading docks in Pittsburgh’s Strip District have been a location I’ve been wanting to shoot at for some time. So, when Allyson said “We want Pittsburgh. We trust you,” I knew this was the time! Saying that we had a short planning process for Allyson and Peter’s engagement session and wedding would be an understatement. These two decided to get married about six months before their wedding date, and with their busy schedules–Peter is a doctor and Allyson is a lawyer–these two relied heavily on trusted friends and family to take care of planning for them. It all turned out beautifully and makes me wonder why anyone needs more time to plan!;)

The day of the engagement session was hot and humid and rain was threatening at any minute, but with our limited time frame, this was the day we had to do the session so we were moving forward, rain or shine. Luckily, no rain….just perfect light conditions!


Ian + Erica, State College Backyard Wedding

Confession: when Erica told me her wedding would be in her parents’ backyard, I was skeptical. But when I arrived and saw the magical, lush garden behind the beautifully restored 1800’s farmhouse in Boalsburg, PA minutes outside of State College, I was blown away. Like, WOW! A stream runs through the backyard and Erica’s friends and family built a special deck overlooking the stream where she and Ian would exchange vows. The ceremony happened on one side of the stream and the party happened across the stream, as if to signify that all the guests crossed the bridge together to celebrate the next chapter in Erica and Ian’s life. And what a celebration it was! These two Phish fans know how to throw a party for guests of all ages! Congratulations, Ian and Erica!


Hannah is 6, On the Beaver River

As a girl from Beaver County, I love rivers…and so you can imagine how excited I was to meet Hannah and her mom, Amanda, for a session on the Beaver River at dusk. I’ve been photographing Hannah since she was a baby and each year her mom comes up with a fun theme to try for each session. This year was “painting on the river at sunset.” Amanda and Hannah visit the river a lot, so it just felt like the perfect location. The last image is one of my all time favs! Happy birthday, sweet girl! Can’t wait to see what we do next year!


Alexis + Sam — Barn Wedding, Indiana, PA

“Barn wedding” doesn’t really do this venue justice, but I try to keep the titles short. The barn that Alexis and Sam were married in is over 100 years old, on her family’s farm, and was recently restored to the beautiful site that it is now. Alexis’s whole family and many friends helped with the restoration, making it that much more special.

Coincidently, my husband was one of the subcontractors who helped with the restoration. He had mentioned this project to me and said that the barn was being restored for a wedding…and that he would drop my name to Alexis as a possible photographer. Well, Alexis is much more organized and quick-moving than my sweet husband, so she actually reached out to me before Forrest had a chance to talk to her without knowing the connection. It was meant to be!:)

For such a special venue, I wanted to make sure extra special pictures were taken, so I hired RS Aerial Photography to shoot aerial photographs with a drone during the evening. He got some amazingly gorgeous views of the barn.

Congratulations to Alexis and Sam!


Elizabeth + Chris, Pittsburgh Engagement Session

Elizabeth and Chris brought some heat to the Hot Metal Bridge at the start of their engagement session on a cold day in March. We chose Pittsburgh as the location because just a few months earlier, Chris popped the question during a special date night in the city. And that’s just the start of the story! During dinner, Chris had given Elizabeth another gift to throw her off a little (she confesses she was hoping he’d be proposing that night!). Then, after dinner, they rode the incline…and Chris made sure they had a car all to themselves and that’s when he surprised Elizabeth! So of course we had to make a stop at the incline during the session. Plus, it was warm.:) Bonus! After the incline, I wanted to try a shot on top of a parking garage in the cultural district. I love how the tall buildings surround them and put them in their own little world. Congrats to these two love birds and can’t wait to shoot their wedding in September!


Cora, Almost 2 – Beaver Train Station

Every 3 months, I get to see this amazing family because since they were pregnant with their first, they made the decision to capture the growth of their girls every 3 months of their life for the first 2 years. I so look forward to seeing how the girls change…and you’d think there wouldn’t be that much change in 3 months…but, oh, there is! It happens so fast! Their collection of albums from each session will be a cherished keepsake for the girls as they grow.

We started planning our January session a few weeks prior and to our surprise, the weather turned and we got to do the session outside! 65 degrees in western PA in January – amazing! We chose the Beaver train station as our location. A rustic cabin sits right across the parking lot and the sun seems to be perfect no matter what time of day you shoot.

Part way through our session, we changed shoes (although the weather was beautiful, the ground was still soggy) and it threw Cora for a moment, but mom saved the day with “squirrel lollipops” and we got right back on track. I love letting little ones explore during our sessions – it gives me the opportunity to capture their big personalities. Those are the moments you want to remember forever!

catie_0010family portraits at cabin in beaver pafamily portraits at rustic cabin in beaver patwo year old portraits in pink dress and pink rain bootstwo year old girl playing peek a boo with fenceportraits of mom and dad with two year old daughtertwo year old portraits with girl in pink dress and blue overallsdad and daughter watch train at beaver train stationtwo year old girl pictures at rustic cabin in beaver patwo year old girl portraits at beaver train stationtwo year old girl kissing mom at beaver train station

Kinley – Newborn Portraits

Sweet little Kinley was 9 days old at our session and so stinkin’ adorable, making me want another baby. The struggle is real! We started the session with a set-up inspired by a post I saw on Instagram – a baby in a wreath of beautiful fall flowers. Since Kinley is a winter baby, I went with a more neutral pale pink flower in my wreath. Kinley wasn’t too sure about this set-up, but we got the shot and made sure to move on to lots of snuggles for the lifestyle portraits part of the session. Katelyn had her nursery decked out in lavender with so many personal decor touches. I especially loved the white mirror above her dresser. After a feeding, more cuddling, and a good burp, Kinley was ready for her close-up! She peacefully napped as we worked our way through the different outfits and accessories…and some of my favorite newborn portraits were made! Congratulations, Dave and Katelyn! Kinley is perfect!

newborn girl portraits pittsburgh newborn photographerlifestyle newborn baby girl portraits pittsburgh newborn photographerlifestyle newborn portraits pittsburgh newborn photographernewborn girl with gold leaf crownnewborn girl in tangerine ruffled skirt with matching flower headbandnewborn baby girl in neutral color wrap with gold leaf headband

Catie, Class of 2017

The first thing Catie said to me when we met for her senior portrait session on a beautiful fall November day was “I hate fall and don’t want any leaves or fall-y things in my pictures.” As I looked around at the very rustic, very “fall-y” location we agreed to meet, I felt sad to abandon the perfect warm sun streaming through the last of the leaves and golden grasses, but I had the perfect spot in mind – a place I’ve been waiting for the right person to photograph there.

My hometown of New Brighton has some great old cobblestone roads, graffiti covered tunnels, and lots of other cool semi-urban, definitely not fall backdrops for us to take advantage of. So that’s where we headed. I did incorporate a liiiiiiittttle fall into the pictures, but it was “Catie approved fall.”

Catie is spunky, tough, and confident with Beyonce good looks and a passion for life. In fact, she just recently had ACL surgery and was on crutches for our session, but that didn’t stop her from scaling a hillside and a stone wall to get to the perfect location for shots with her snow board. I found myself yelling “Yaaaassss!” more than someone of my age should during our session because Catie totally ROCKED it!

high school senior portraits beaver paurban senior portraits new brighton pasenior portraits in tunnel in new brightonhigh school senior portrait photographer beaver county pahigh school senior portraits in alley in new brighton pahigh school senior portraits in alley in new brightonhigh school senior portrait photographer in beaver county