Rita 3 month baby portraits — Beaver, PA

It is such a pleasure getting to see Andrew, Marianna, and Rita every few months! I love seeing Rita grow and especially love seeing what adorable outfits and hair clips this girl has!:) Rita’s hair is amazing. So long and thick already at 3 months (and wait until you see her 6 months portraits: even cuter and longer!!) Such a doll!

My favorite portraits from this session were right at the end when we were upstairs getting some pics in their bedroom. As most parents experience, at 3 months, that baby is still in your room (my Mary sure was!) and many mornings/afternoons, you find yourself just staring at that sweet peanut in your bed. Sometimes they’re awake and staring back or cracking their first smile or sometimes they’re just sweetly sleeping. The light was streaming in on the bed, we tried to just capture the moment of mommy and daddy playing with the baby – nothing fancy, no cute outfit or props, just love. Last two pics are my fav. ❤

rita 3 month portraits_1 rita 3 month portraits_2 rita 3 month portraits_3