Chris + Bethany — Vandergrift Wedding — Apollo, PA Photographer

The first time I met Bethany was at my own wedding over 5 years ago. Chris, my brother, brought her as a guest, and although I didn’t get to spend a lot of time getting to know her that night, when I later looked back at the pictures, her warm smile amid the chaos of my wedding told me she was a sweet girl and we’d keep her. 🙂

The more I’ve grown to know her over the years, the more I become convinced that she is the perfect match for my brother and I couldn’t be more excited to call her a sister. Now go make babies. J/k 🙂

Chris and Bethany did a small intimate ceremony at the Vandergrift municipal building on a rainy Saturday in September. The rain limited a lot of pics, but they chose to do dinner at the Twisted Thistle in Leechburg and the beautiful staircase fit so well with the romantic rustic feel they were going for. Plus I had a clear umbrella with me (clutch!) and we got some nice shots outside in the rain, too.

Congrats and love you both! Now seriously, go make babies. My kids need cousins.:)

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