Brittney + Rocco, Camp Kon O Kwee Wedding

Rain was a big part of Brittney and Rocco’s wedding day, and not just a little shower here and there, we had Luckily, the ceremony and the reception were always going to be indoors, so we just had to get creative for the portraits.Each bridesmaid had a different bright colored dress with a matching hand-made bouquet to match…and because of the rain, Brittney also included a matching umbrella for each girl. The colors really popped on the very green and brown rustic backdrop we had. The reception was held inside the main lodge and was a ton of fun! Everyone danced all night long and ended the night with a lantern send off. Rain: 0, Brittney and Rocco: 1. Thank you so much for allowing Allison and I to be a part of your special day!

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Are those lanterns making an “S” for the new last name of our bride and groom?? I think they are! Best wishes, Brittney and Rocco!