Courtney + Bo Wedding Film

What a fun birthday gift for me this year: filming Courtney and Bo’s wedding! And that’s not sarcasm! They were married on December 19 and the day was pretty darn cold…especially in northern Indiana County! But, the smiles of these two will warm your heart, so no one even noticed the weather! A beautiful ceremony and a super-fun reception at the Contres-Greer Social Hall in Northern Cambria. Best wishes, Courtney and Bo!

Courtney + Bo, Love Story Film

As part of their wedding film package, Courtney and Bo got to tell their love story – it’s kind of like doing an engagement session, but also being interviewed!:) Hear how they met, fell in love, and what they are most looking forward to on their big day:

Jody + Dave — Stonebridge Farm Wedding — Ambridge PA — Pittsburgh PA Wedding Films

On a day with on-again, off-again rain and sporadic down pours, Jody and Dave were married outside at the beautiful Stonebridge Farm Nursery in Ambridge, PA. Stonebridge Farms Nursery is so beautiful, and such a great, unique place for a wedding. The rain didn’t scare away the bride and groom or their guests and it was a great day! I am so pleased to share with you the very first wedding video by Elders Ridge Photography:

Jody and Dave Wedding Video from Emily Smith on Vimeo.