Alexis + Sam — Barn Wedding, Indiana, PA

“Barn wedding” doesn’t really do this venue justice, but I try to keep the titles short. The barn that Alexis and Sam were married in is over 100 years old, on her family’s farm, and was recently restored to the beautiful site that it is now. Alexis’s whole family and many friends helped with the restoration, making it that much more special.

Coincidently, my husband was one of the subcontractors who helped with the restoration. He had mentioned this project to me and said that the barn was being restored for a wedding…and that he would drop my name to Alexis as a possible photographer. Well, Alexis is much more organized and quick-moving than my sweet husband, so she actually reached out to me before Forrest had a chance to talk to her without knowing the connection. It was meant to be!:)

For such a special venue, I wanted to make sure extra special pictures were taken, so I hired RS Aerial Photography to shoot aerial photographs with a drone during the evening. He got some amazingly gorgeous views of the barn.

Congratulations to Alexis and Sam!


Smeltz Family Portraits, IUP Co-op Recreational Park

It has been a pleasure working with this family! Back when I was first starting out, Emily asked me to take Ian’s 2 year portraits and they became one of the first real portrait sessions I ever did. And since then, I’ve been able to capture this family’s growth each year! This year, Ian is 7 and Ellie is 2. We went out to the IUP Co-op Park for the session to make use of its beautiful surroundings.
2 year olds always like to make me work for the perfect shot and I’m always ready for the challenge — as was Emily (if you haven’t figured it out by now, the client and I have the same first name. I’m not just going in and out of first and third person tense!). She brought the 3 B’s: bubbles, balloons, and balls. Keep those 3 in mind the next time you’re trying to make a 2 year old smile – they work wonders! Also, Ian has been playing baseball in the Indiana YMCA Miracle League, so we took advantage of the old ball fields at the park and got a few shots of Ian and Dad throwing the ball. The best sessions always happen when they are about personal interests and the interactions between the family. The posed shots are definitely nice, but my favorites from this session were all the smiles and giggles caught in the real life interactions. Enjoy!

smeltz16_0001 smeltz16_0002 smeltz16_0003 smeltz16_0004 smeltz16_0005 smeltz16_0006 smeltz16_0007 smeltz16_0008 smeltz16_0009 smeltz16_0010 smeltz16_0011 smeltz16_0012 smeltz16_0013 smeltz16_0014

Courtney + Bo Wedding Film

What a fun birthday gift for me this year: filming Courtney and Bo’s wedding! And that’s not sarcasm! They were married on December 19 and the day was pretty darn cold…especially in northern Indiana County! But, the smiles of these two will warm your heart, so no one even noticed the weather! A beautiful ceremony and a super-fun reception at the Contres-Greer Social Hall in Northern Cambria. Best wishes, Courtney and Bo!

Courtney + Bo, Love Story Film

As part of their wedding film package, Courtney and Bo got to tell their love story – it’s kind of like doing an engagement session, but also being interviewed!:) Hear how they met, fell in love, and what they are most looking forward to on their big day:

Amanda + G and the kids — Family Portraits — IUP campus –Indiana, PA

Was it just me or was this summer pretty spectacular? Sure, there were humid days and sure, there were rainy days, but overall, I’d have to call this one of the best summers we’ve had in a while. But maybe I’m not the best judge because I was either super-pregnant or over-weight from just being pregnant for the three before this one, so yeah…that probably skewed my tolerance level toward the low end of the scale.  But I digress. Amanda and G and their two model-beautiful children (seriously, though, these two could be in magazines or at least have a show on the Disney channel!) Griffin and Isadora are BFF’s to my two kids since they all go to daycare together. Continue reading → Amanda + G and the kids — Family Portraits — IUP campus –Indiana, PA