Allyson + Peter, Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

The produce loading docks in Pittsburgh’s Strip District have been a location I’ve been wanting to shoot at for some time. So, when Allyson said “We want Pittsburgh. We trust you,” I knew this was the time! Saying that we had a short planning process for Allyson and Peter’s engagement session and wedding would be an understatement. These two decided to get married about six months before their wedding date, and with their busy schedules–Peter is a doctor and Allyson is a lawyer–these two relied heavily on trusted friends and family to take care of planning for them. It all turned out beautifully and makes me wonder why anyone needs more time to plan!;)

The day of the engagement session was hot and humid and rain was threatening at any minute, but with our limited time frame, this was the day we had to do the session so we were moving forward, rain or shine. Luckily, no rain….just perfect light conditions!