Allyson + Peter, Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

The produce loading docks in Pittsburgh’s Strip District have been a location I’ve been wanting to shoot at for some time. So, when Allyson said “We want Pittsburgh. We trust you,” I knew this was the time! Saying that we had a short planning process for Allyson and Peter’s engagement session and wedding would be an understatement. These two decided to get married about six months before their wedding date, and with their busy schedules–Peter is a doctor and Allyson is a lawyer–these two relied heavily on trusted friends and family to take care of planning for them. It all turned out beautifully and makes me wonder why anyone needs more time to plan!;)

The day of the engagement session was hot and humid and rain was threatening at any minute, but with our limited time frame, this was the day we had to do the session so we were moving forward, rain or shine. Luckily, no rain….just perfect light conditions!


Elizabeth + Chris, Pittsburgh Engagement Session

Elizabeth and Chris brought some heat to the Hot Metal Bridge at the start of their engagement session on a cold day in March. We chose Pittsburgh as the location because just a few months earlier, Chris popped the question during a special date night in the city. And that’s just the start of the story! During dinner, Chris had given Elizabeth another gift to throw her off a little (she confesses she was hoping he’d be proposing that night!). Then, after dinner, they rode the incline…and Chris made sure they had a car all to themselves and that’s when he surprised Elizabeth! So of course we had to make a stop at the incline during the session. Plus, it was warm.:) Bonus! After the incline, I wanted to try a shot on top of a parking garage in the cultural district. I love how the tall buildings surround them and put them in their own little world. Congrats to these two love birds and can’t wait to shoot their wedding in September!


Brittany + Garrett — Engagement Portraits — Beaver, PA

Early Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Brittany and Garrett met up with me at this river-front park in Bridgewater. When we started talking about where to do the shoot, I brought up this park. I had done a few portraits for a maternity client here this past February when it was, like, 20 below and gale force winds…results were still beautiful despite the ridiculous conditions! Brittany and I both love the rivers in Beaver County, so she liked the idea and we went with it. Continue reading → Brittany + Garrett — Engagement Portraits — Beaver, PA