Betsy + John — Beaver Station Cultural and Event Center Wedding

This one felt like a family affair! Seriously, I felt like there was a tear in my eye all day and the smile never left my face! Betsy is the younger sister of one of my most favorite and loyal clients, so this felt like photographing my own sister’s wedding! It was a truly beautiful and emotional day…the kind of day that makes me thankful to do this job so I can preserve these memories.

Betsy and John held their wedding reception at the Beaver Station Cultural and Event Center in Beaver, PA. The building is a former train station, and yes, trains still pass by the station every few hours, so be prepared for that! Since I grew up in Beaver County not far from Conway Yards, I am very used to the constant sound of trains in the background.

Beaver Station is the perfect venue for a smaller, intimate wedding. The accent colors were navy and gold. Betsy wore navy heels, a sapphire pendant necklace with matching sapphire earrings. The cookie table featured custom navy and gold cookies in a variety of flavors (I can confirm that they were all delicious!). Their three-tier wedding cake featured a white buttercream design with fresh blueberries circling each tier. And the polar bear bride and groom cake topper was something I’ve not seen before! So cute!

After dinner, the party moved out onto the back patio and guests danced the night away under romantic twinkle lights…even though I would categorize the dancing more as epic than romantic. Haha…it was a great time and I feel honored to have shared this special moment with my client and her family.