Jarid + Brittany – Engagement Portraits – Indiana, PA

Talk about putting the pressure on, about an hour before I met up with Jarid and Brittany for their engagement portraits, Jarid texts me and says “I want to surprise Brittany and propose to her today during the shoot.” Ummmm….ok, no pressure on me or anything!!:) Just like MY engagement, Brittany and Jarid agreed to get married and started the wedding planning before the ring arrived. Difference: Brittany clearly was able to keep it together and not freak out on her fiance about not having a ring the day after he special ordered it. Yeah….not my proudest moment!:)

As you can see in the second picture below, Brittany was wearing a black rubber band on her ring finger in place of the ring (I wore a yellow twist tie from a bag of Wonderbread – classy!!). Jarid had a bunch of ideas about how he wanted to propose, but they all just kept getting “stolen” (blame those “he went to Jared” commercials!), so he thought he’d surprise her at the photo session. He planned to hide the ring in her shirt pocket and then as she was adjusting her outfit at the beginning of the shoot, she’d find it. SO! That’s how our day began!! 🙂

Jarid and Brittany live in New Mexico and they thought I was so awesome, they flew here to have me photograph them….haha…just kidding!:) Well, they really DO live in New Mexico, but Jarid grew up near Indiana, and since their wedding will be in NM, they wanted their engagement portraits and “save the date” announcement to reflect Jarid’s background. And nothing is more Indiana PA than Christmas trees! It is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, you know! We shot at Blue Spruce Park, downtown Indiana (or as the townies and college kids call it “uptown”), and at Flemings Tree Farm. Brittany and Jarid wanted a nice contrast to the New Mexico desert…and I think we found it. Only bummer was Brittany wanted snow…and we didn’t have any snow. Well, some flurries were flying at the tree farm, but that really didn’t come through on the pics.

All in all, I was really happy with the results…Brittany and Jarid made it easy! They are, like, model-photogenic and the love they have for each other really shown in their interactions, so really all I had to do was click a button.:) Best wishes to Brittany and Jarid!!!

jb 1 engagement portraits jb 2 engagement portraits jb 3 engagement portraits jb 4 engagement portraitsjb 5 engagement portraits jb 6 engagement portraits jb 7 engagement portraits