Hannah 2 year Portraits — Children Photography — Brady’s Run Park, PA

My session with Hannah and her mom, Amanda, could not have gone better. Amanda and I have been planning this shoot for several months and the weather spoiled our plans back in March. The weekend we planned for originally was really cold, freezing rain, and just general yucky-ness.

The evening of this shoot, we couldn’t have had better conditions! Spring light makes me nervous because it is very harsh and blue most of the day, so I scheduled the shoot for 7pm thinking that would give the sun time to “soften and yellow up” as it often does near sunset. Combine with the money location of the shallow stream behind the ice rink at Brady’s Run, I soon realized we hit the jack pot!

When Amanda set up the shoot with me a few months ago, she said she wanted to do a fairy princess theme. I sent her some pics of my “vision” and she and her friends and family created Hannah’s outfit. Her friend Jewels made Hannah’s dress and her sister made the flower head piece.

I have been fortunate enough to capture beautiful Hannah through the lens every year of her life so far and it is so awesome to watch her grown up! I am so jealous of her curly hair and all the adorable bows and clips and headbands Amanda can style her up with. Thank you, Amanda and Hannah for letting me be a part of your lives!

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