Creative + Funny Christmas Cards — Saltsburg, PA Photographer

The Jones Family always know how to have fun with their Christmas card…and I am always so excited to help bring their vision to life! This year, they are expecting their 3rd child and came up with the awesome theme “We saw DADDY kissing Santa Claus” (with mommy and her jolly belly as Santa!). Hilarious! Continue reading → Creative + Funny Christmas Cards — Saltsburg, PA Photographer

Devon — Senior Portraits — Indiana PA Photographer

When Devon’s mom saw the portraits of Devon, she gave me the greatest compliment a photographer can receive: “you captured how handsome he is!” As a mother of a boy myself, I can totally relate to what she meant: boys aren’t really into getting their picture taken and often act goofy or silly, or just plain don’t smile and give you that “stare” begging us to stop “torturing” them. Capturing how we as mothers see our handsome sons growing into men right before our eyes is probably one of the reasons I love senior pictures so much!

To get a closer look, click on any image below for a larger slideshow.

Like many good country boys, Devon is into hunting. I look out over this gorgeous valley every day and the sunsets have just been amazing here, so I was super excited to photograph Devon and his hunting gear looking out over Elders Ridge.

John, Kim, + John-John – Fall Family Portraits – Saltsburg, PA

We had a beautiful evening on the ridge for John and Kim’s family portraits – yes, this is the backdrop I look at every day, folks! Beautiful Elders Ridge in all its glory! The rolling hills are filled with color this time of year and the cloud presentation in the sky was the perfect compliment. Little John-John was a little suspicious of me at first – Kim said he is always all smiles, but he just stared me down during the first part of the shoot. Continue reading → John, Kim, + John-John – Fall Family Portraits – Saltsburg, PA

Lucas — Senior Portraits — Class of 2014 — Indiana, PA

“I’m so looking forward to getting my senior portraits taken!” said no guy ever.

But seriously, c’mon guys…it’s totally painless and it’s my job to make you look like a stud, not a corny dude in the “thinking man” pose. (which just happened to be Lucas’s go-to “silly” pose! He was quite entertaining throughout our session!)

Chances are, if you’re looking at this blog, you either know Lucas, are a fan of me (yay! thanks!!) or you’re a mom doing photog research for your son’s senior pics. 🙂 If you’re number 3, rest assured: I’m here to help.

I’ll ask what you think your son’s style is, what kind of things are important to him (sports, activities, etc), and then I’ll ask about how he wants to look in his pics.

Lucas is an athlete but didn’t want to be photographed with anything that said so. And that’s fine! His mom identified his style as “Abercrombie but with a shirt on”, and that gave me all the info I needed. I picked the location and we shot the studio shots and the outdoor stuff in less than 2 hours.

Piece of cake! And here are the results! Handsome and not corny at all! Best wishes to Lucas!senior portraits male_2 senior portraits male_3 senior portraits_1

Rita Newborn Portraits — Beaver, PA

I don’t know about you, but I love babies! So photographing newborns is just tops in my book! (yes, I said “tops” like this is 1920 or something). I love their little cries, their crazy hair (or bald heads in some cases!), and how they can just snuggle up and pass out anywhere. Makes me want another!

I was so stinkin’ excited to meet Rita since I had the pleasure of taking her mom, Marianna’s preggo pics a few months prior. At the time, no one knew if Rita was a Rita – they chose to be surprised (LOVE that! We were surprised with both of ours!). Continue reading → Rita Newborn Portraits — Beaver, PA

Jarid + Brittany – Engagement Portraits – Indiana, PA

Talk about putting the pressure on, about an hour before I met up with Jarid and Brittany for their engagement portraits, Jarid texts me and says “I want to surprise Brittany and propose to her today during the shoot.” Ummmm….ok, no pressure on me or anything!!:) Just like MY engagement, Brittany and Jarid agreed to get married and started the wedding planning before the ring arrived. Difference: Brittany clearly was able to keep it together and not freak out on her fiance about not having a ring the day after he special ordered it. Yeah….not my proudest moment!:) Continue reading → Jarid + Brittany – Engagement Portraits – Indiana, PA

Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Ten days ago, our second child was born. After birthing a 10 pound giant with my first, this 8 pound 5 ounce nugget was a piece of cake to deliver…and I’ve been feeling fabulous since giving birth. Again, completely different than with my first. Mary Louise is healthy, sweet, and quickly falling into a very manageable sleep pattern (God bless her!!), so that has also contributed to my feeling fabulous and being up for putting together her newborn portrait session. Continue reading → Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Max’s 2 year portraits — children portraits — Saltsburg, PA

My baby isn’t a baby anymore!:) Max turned 2 in September and since his favorite past time is visiting our grape arbor and eating the concords, that’s where we did the photoshoot. And not because that was my decision, but because he wouldn’t leave the arbor to go where I wanted. Luckily, we got the shot…and a few other cute ones, too. Happy Birthday, big man! Continue reading → Max’s 2 year portraits — children portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Donna and Elle – Family portraits – Indiana, PA

Again, I’m a little behind on posting some of my sessions! Terrible! I guess I could blame it on being 9 months pregnant, but being 9 months pregnant hasn’t really kept me from doing much else, says the girl who is feverishly laundering all neutral baby clothes, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, moving stuff, still working full-time, etc. in preparation for our latest arrival due in  a few days. I would really like the baby to arrival early, but if it is anything like my first, it will hang out nearly 2 weeks past its due date. So we’ll see! And now on to my portrait session with Donna and her granddaughter Elle. Donna and I used to work together at IUP before she retired. Her group of “lunching ladies” actually purchased this session for her as a birthday present. Continue reading → Donna and Elle – Family portraits – Indiana, PA

Laura’s 2 — Family portraits –Blue Spruce Park — Indiana, PA

Two months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing one of my best friends and her lovely family in celebration of her daughter’s second birthday. O.M.G., I can’t believe they are 2 already! And by “they” and I mean her daughter, Laura, and my son, Max. Well, Max isn’t quite 2, but soon. Steph and I were pregnant together, tossed my current day job back and forth between each other for a few years, and just seem to have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common. When I met her about 3 years ago, I felt like we instantly clicked. She “got” me and most of our time together is spent cracking each other up. Continue reading → Laura’s 2 — Family portraits –Blue Spruce Park — Indiana, PA