Brittney + Rocco — Pittsburgh Engagement Portraits

To contrast their upcoming wedding at Camp Kon O Kwee Spencer (a pretty rural, rustic location), Brittney and Rocco wanted to do their portraits in the city of Pittsburgh. And what a day we had in the city! Perfect weather and the sunset on the river OMGeeeee!!

We started at the West End Overlook, which has a really great little park and an archway covered in vines. I was sold as soon as I arrived! We then moved down to the North Shore – they had their first date just walking around the North Shore on a cold evening that neither one wanted to end. Even though it was freezing! Luckily, we did not have that problem for the session! As the sun fell, a nearly full moon began glowing over the city, so, much like their first date, we kept the session going as long as possible to get the perfect shot. Super-pumped to shoot their wedding in May!

Pittsburgh skyline West End Overlook BREsession_0003 BREsession_0002 BREsession_0004 BREsession_0005 BREsession_0006