Charlie Brown Christmas Custom Family Card

When your kid’s name is Charlie, you almost have to do A Charlie Brown Christmas card theme for your holiday cards! I love working with the Jones family every year on their cards! They each dressed as a Peanuts character: dad as Linus, mom as Peppermint Patty, big sisters as Sally and Lucy, and then the sweet little guy Charlie Jones was our Charlie Brown…and peep the props! Linus’s blanket, Woodstock, and the sad little tree. You may recognize a similar pose for their dog Whompus – he didn’t make the trip to the studio this year, so we thought it would be hilarious to just insert him into the final card image in the same pose as last year. It’s easy to entertain us!:) Here’s the final product:

A Charlie Brown Christmas family christmas card And here are a few individual shots of everyone’s awesome costumes: