Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Ten days ago, our second child was born. After birthing a 10 pound giant with my first, this 8 pound 5 ounce nugget was a piece of cake to deliver…and I’ve been feeling fabulous since giving birth. Again, completely different than with my first. Mary Louise is healthy, sweet, and quickly falling into a very manageable sleep pattern (God bless her!!), so that has also contributed to my feeling fabulous and being up for putting together her newborn portrait session. Continue reading → Mary Louise — Newborn portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Max’s 2 year portraits — children portraits — Saltsburg, PA

My baby isn’t a baby anymore!:) Max turned 2 in September and since his favorite past time is visiting our grape arbor and eating the concords, that’s where we did the photoshoot. And not because that was my decision, but because he wouldn’t leave the arbor to go where I wanted. Luckily, we got the shot…and a few other cute ones, too. Happy Birthday, big man! Continue reading → Max’s 2 year portraits — children portraits — Saltsburg, PA

Fun announcement time!

If you’re a blog follower or at least someone I’ve seen or spoke to in the last few months, you already know what’s going on. I’m knocked up again!:) This is also why I didn’t schedule any weddings this summer and have been taking it easy in general. I didn’t quit! At least not this job!!!:) Baby Beast #2 is due November 1. Everything is going well so far and my belly is now out there. It no longer looks like I just opted for two Big Macs instead of the one (which isn’t that far from the norm anyway!!). Max doesn’t quite understand or have any idea that he is about to get a baby of his own (he just loves the babies at daycare and runs over to them when we get there and goes “Bee-bee!” and gives them a big hug), but I think he’ll be a great big brother. I was trying to capture him holding the ultrasound pic out towards the camera as if to “show me the pic”, but you try to direct an almost 2 year old!;) So yay! No work this summer or fall, but get on my calendar for after January 1, 2013!

Ok, so that didn’t work… — Christmas Cards — Saltsburg, PA

I had this great idea yesterday morning when Max and I were loading up in the car: “this frost kinda looks like snow! And if I use a fast enough lens, I can make this work!” Wahoo! We have only had one snow this year so far and I REALLY need to get our Christmas card pic taken, like, NOW! So Max and I got up at 7am this morning and headed down to our line of pine trees (Forrest is SUPER proud of these 20 trees that are so PERFECTLY straight!) and attempted to make my vision. As we were leaving the house, I grabbed my new pocket wizards and my speedlight and a light stand, but as we started walking, Max wasn’t doing so well (he’s only been walking for 2.5 weeks now) and wasn’t thrilled that the frosted grass was so cold, so I just left the light stand so I could carry him. HA! I should have figured I wouldn’t get the chance to even use it, so it was a good decision!:) Not long after our arrival at the tree line, Max became very unhappy VERY fast. These were the results. Maybe Daddy will help us tomorrow morning and we can get this right. OR, maybe we’ll actually get some SNOW!! ORRRR, I have one more idea but it involves purchasing lots of outdoor string lights….. guess you’ll just have to wait and see what I come up with!:) For now, enjoy my delightful son:

Don’t worry, folks, he survived!!:)