Hannah is 6, On the Beaver River

As a girl from Beaver County, I love rivers…and so you can imagine how excited I was to meet Hannah and her mom, Amanda, for a session on the Beaver River at dusk. I’ve been photographing Hannah since she was a baby and each year her mom comes up with a fun theme to try for each session. This year was “painting on the river at sunset.” Amanda and Hannah visit the river a lot, so it just felt like the perfect location. The last image is one of my all time favs! Happy birthday, sweet girl! Can’t wait to see what we do next year!


Rita is 1 – First Birthday Session – Family Portraits – Beaver, PA

Since last February when I first met Min and Andrew when they were pregnant with Rita, I’ve been visiting them every 3 months this year to capture Rita’s first year. And it has been such a pleasure! My Mary is only a few months older than Rita, but it feels like they are the same age since each time I visit Rita, she is doing the same things as Mary! A very advanced little girl! We started the day with a birthday cake shoot and note to self: getting Rita all jacked up on sugar was a GREAT plan! Continue reading → Rita is 1 – First Birthday Session – Family Portraits – Beaver, PA