Rita is 1 – First Birthday Session – Family Portraits – Beaver, PA

Since last February when I first met Min and Andrew when they were pregnant with Rita, I’ve been visiting them every 3 months this year to capture Rita’s first year. And it has been such a pleasure! My Mary is only a few months older than Rita, but it feels like they are the same age since each time I visit Rita, she is doing the same things as Mary! A very advanced little girl! We started the day with a birthday cake shoot and note to self: getting Rita all jacked up on sugar was a GREAT plan!

She put up with a full 2 hour session this time and did wonderfully!:)

Then, Min had the idea to fill Rita’s crib with balloons. At first I was like, “Ok, Min, maybe a little less Pinterest for you…” but as we got going, Rita was having a great time and I found an angle I loved and one of my favorite pics of the year was made.

After the fact, this one brought tears to my eyes: we took a picture of Rita each session in a chair showing off the latest skill she had learn: lifting her head, sitting, standing, etc. Why didn’t I do this with my kids?!?!

Baby's first year collage

And for the grand finale (I’m so dramatic!), at the very first session, I wanted desperately to shoot at the train bridge in Monaca. I know, I know…it was February and we had some icy gale force winds, but Andrew and Min went along with it. So, for Rita’s 1 year session, we returned and did a little “before and after.” Love!!

train bridge bridgewater