Whimsical Woods Family Portraits, White’s Woods Nature Center

How about this gorgeous weather? The light at the end of the day has been just amazing and when Amanda asked to me take her family’s portraits, I immediately knew we’d be hiking through the woods to capture this beautiful family in some dreamy sweet light streaming through the tall trees.
White’s Woods Nature Center is a hilly, wooded area just on the edge of town and has great mountain bike trails and many people even jog and walk their dogs through the trails, too. There isn’t an easy way to get up into the flat area we used for the session without hiking a little, but it was totally worth it. In my opinion at least! I wasn’t the one with the broken toe!;) Sorry G! I love this collection of images so much – the light is just amazing and working with this family is always so much fun!
family of 4 portraits in woodsfamily portraits in woods color and black and whiteindividual portraits with son and parents
daddy and daughter portraits in woods

mother and daughter portraits in woods
brother and sister portraits in the woodsZuZu and Griffin individual portraitsfunny faces family portraits

Owen is 1 — First Birthday Portraits — Indiana County Photographer

Everyone wish this sweet little peanut a happy first year of life! Just look at those big baby blues – what a handsome guy! We took Own’s 1st year portraits at his great-aunt’s house in Avonmore, PA.
The gazebo was the perfect cover for the light rain showers that were lingering. Owen was such a little trooper considering a few days before it was nearly 80 degrees and today it was chilly in the 50’s! Owen is all boy – I loved how he threw his letters each time we set them up. They’re just toys, right?:) Happy birthday, sweet boy!


Rita is 3 and Cora is 1 — Children and Family Portraits — Bridgewater Crossing

I just love growing with this family! I have had the pleasure and honor of photographing them since Min’s maternity session when it was just the two of them. And now they are a family of 4!

While we make each session unique, we like to incorporate a few portraits in the same location and with similar props/outfits for comparison. We’ve gone back to Bridgewater Crossing in front of the big train bridge on the girls 1st birthdays each year:

family train bridge

We have many examples of this — I could make an entire blog about it! But for now, let’s take a look at Rita and Cora celebrating their 3rd and 1st years of life!

rita3cora1blog_0001 rita3cora1blog_0002 rita3cora1blog_0003 rita3cora1blog_0004 rita3cora1blog_0008 rita3cora1blog_0005rita3cora1blog_0006rita3cora1blog_0007


A.J., Emily, Ian, + Ellie – Family Portraits – Indiana, PA

It’s been so awesome working with Emily, A.J., Ian, and now Elliana over the years. Emily schedules the family pics right around Ian’s birthday because this super-mom does an annual birthday video for Ian featuring pics of him throughout the year. New this year is their latest addition, Elliana. This sweet girl was wide awake for our session and not real fond of many of our poses, but we still got some great shots! Continue reading → A.J., Emily, Ian, + Ellie – Family Portraits – Indiana, PA

Rita is 1 – First Birthday Session – Family Portraits – Beaver, PA

Since last February when I first met Min and Andrew when they were pregnant with Rita, I’ve been visiting them every 3 months this year to capture Rita’s first year. And it has been such a pleasure! My Mary is only a few months older than Rita, but it feels like they are the same age since each time I visit Rita, she is doing the same things as Mary! A very advanced little girl! We started the day with a birthday cake shoot and note to self: getting Rita all jacked up on sugar was a GREAT plan! Continue reading → Rita is 1 – First Birthday Session – Family Portraits – Beaver, PA

Hannah is 3 – Brady’s Run Park – Children Portraits – Beaver County, PA Photographer

I cannot believe Hannah is 3 already! Yikes! Time flies! I first met Hannah when she was at her mom’s cousin’s wedding that I was shooting. It was actually the first wedding I’d shot on my own, so I guess you could say Hannah has seen Elders Ridge Photography from its infancy when she was an infant!:) Continue reading → Hannah is 3 – Brady’s Run Park – Children Portraits – Beaver County, PA Photographer

Amanda + G and the kids — Family Portraits — IUP campus –Indiana, PA

Was it just me or was this summer pretty spectacular? Sure, there were humid days and sure, there were rainy days, but overall, I’d have to call this one of the best summers we’ve had in a while. But maybe I’m not the best judge because I was either super-pregnant or over-weight from just being pregnant for the three before this one, so yeah…that probably skewed my tolerance level toward the low end of the scale.  But I digress. Amanda and G and their two model-beautiful children (seriously, though, these two could be in magazines or at least have a show on the Disney channel!) Griffin and Isadora are BFF’s to my two kids since they all go to daycare together. Continue reading → Amanda + G and the kids — Family Portraits — IUP campus –Indiana, PA