Hannah is 3 – Brady’s Run Park – Children Portraits – Beaver County, PA Photographer

I cannot believe Hannah is 3 already! Yikes! Time flies! I first met Hannah when she was at her mom’s cousin’s wedding that I was shooting. It was actually the first wedding I’d shot on my own, so I guess you could say Hannah has seen Elders Ridge Photography from its infancy when she was an infant!:)

Ok, ok. On to the details. Hannah’s birthday is at that funny time of year when some days are gorgeous and others are down right awful, so we’ve moved her annual birthday shoot as close the end of April as possible. On this particular day, the sun was warm, but the air was cool. Spring sun is so so blue-toned and it really set off Hannah’s dress, which was also a very light shade of blue. We were going for a Princess Picnic theme and the big poofy dress really helped. And Hannah loved frolicking in it! Can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!:) Happy Birthday, Hannah!