Alexis + Sam — Barn Wedding, Indiana, PA

“Barn wedding” doesn’t really do this venue justice, but I try to keep the titles short. The barn that Alexis and Sam were married in is over 100 years old, on her family’s farm, and was recently restored to the beautiful site that it is now. Alexis’s whole family and many friends helped with the restoration, making it that much more special.

Coincidently, my husband was one of the subcontractors who helped with the restoration. He had mentioned this project to me and said that the barn was being restored for a wedding…and that he would drop my name to Alexis as a possible photographer. Well, Alexis is much more organized and quick-moving than my sweet husband, so she actually reached out to me before Forrest had a chance to talk to her without knowing the connection. It was meant to be!:)

For such a special venue, I wanted to make sure extra special pictures were taken, so I hired RS Aerial Photography to shoot aerial photographs with a drone during the evening. He got some amazingly gorgeous views of the barn.

Congratulations to Alexis and Sam!


Fairmont Hotel wedding – Pittsburgh, PA — 2nd shooter

Ok, so I’m a little late posting these pics considering I worked at this wedding back in October!:) I was second shooter with Allison Viron Photography. It was a beautiful day…well, it looked beautiful until you went outside. The wind was blowing, like, 60 mph and it wasn’t a nice warm breeze!:) It was a little chilly! Secondly, it took Allison and I about an hour to get from the parkway east to the Fairmont b/c almost every street was closed for the Occupy Pittsburgh demonstration that was taking place that day. And where was it taking place?? In PPG place where we planned to take bridal portraits! GREAT. Continue reading → Fairmont Hotel wedding – Pittsburgh, PA — 2nd shooter